New Leaves New Leaves represents the coming together of diverse groups, to be an association, a flexible autonomous coalition with a difference:

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* We are planning on making a series of Incremental Asks and Actions- over the next 3 to 5 years connected to the transformation of the banking and resource exchange. * We are going to be seeking to turn over series of new leaves in an increasingly radical nature. * Each New leaf is a new ask/action and groups get together to express their support for that new ask or action -as an individual ask/act. * People express support for a general statement of intent, but then sign up for the new leaves as they turn with the turning of the tide and re-write the way things work. * This is a coming together that aims to span the incremental spectrum of artists poets, music labels networks, NGOs actions and grassroots action groups. 1-leaf it out banksters1 The First New Leaf What Is Take a Stanza? This is a creative petition, calling for a transformation to the money system based on debt. The concept is to create long reams of heart shaped bunting. Each bunting heart will have a message/poem written on it, by a member of the public, expressing a desire for a transformed banking sector.

red-heart-shape-leaf-wallpaper This bunting will then be strung together on crime scene tape. The final plan is to wrap up the entire city square mile in this bun*ng in a symbolic action to encourage real positive change. Wrap up the banks, or Rap up the banks…You can get involved in the campaign by: Wrapping up the banks: You/your group can fill in your own petition bunting hearts and also sign up to the campaign database to get updates on all the creative activities we are planning. Rapping up the banks: We are calling poets/artists/artist groups to get involved in the campaign. We ‘re asking artists to record their own creative messages, calling for a just banking system. We would also love for you to join us on the Action where we wrap the banking sector up in the bunting and have a festival as a demonstration. Slide1 Check out take stanza  the menu tab for more info. The New Leaves Site This site is intended to open up dialogue between, community groups, collectives, charities, the non-profit sector and the banks. To inspire banks to engage in dialogue that results in the positive metamorphosis of the banking sector, in a more local, just and participatory system of resource allocation. We also want to see a positive decentralisation of the technology which provides diverse platforms and others means to community groups and credit unions. We want to take back responsibility and access to the way resources allocation is organised. It is not intended to criticise banks harshly for the sake of it but also to celebrate when they make fair and better decisions and to publicise these decisions when they make more of them. This isn’t about us and them it’s about US-…. all of us…….. on an incremental journey of transformative change. We have many concerns about the banking system and want to see change. Here are links to groups which highlight this effectively and where you can read more

The New Lives Site is Facilitated and supported as a sub- project of the SPEAK network not for profit companyRegistered in England & Wales no. 3922047. Limited Liability covers all site content but we are not responsible for comments others come the site and make.

Currently supportive groups include SPEAK, Music SPEAKS, Conscious Sounds, and the Earth Angels. We want to take action in solidarity with the Move Your Money Campaign.