Break the Code

Discredit Card Campaign asks poetic artists to
Take a Stanza: Break the code-Write an Ode/Owed To The Banks..

Artistic contributions

Rapping up the banks: poets, rappers, lyricists, floets and artists to contribute all manner of opinion pieces and bold statements about the Banking System at large. Send us written in an email or on our facebook page as a short video/ audio piece of you making your call out for transformation of the banking system… It’s up to you the what where and whys… E.g… You want to talk about the effects of debt? Then go for it. Want to talk about crypto-currencies? It’s all fair game. JUST SAY YOUR PIECE!…*If you write or rhyme anything about a specific bank or banker then please insert a disclaimer to your piece (save us the legal costs!).
Either you can say anything you like or say its on behalf of a specific new leaf… that are about to start turning along with the economic system.
Either way we will upload whatever format to our artist gallery. Through this vital creative gallery we hope to gain much consensus, conversation and awareness raising for what is an essential topic of our time and one of THE single most influential facets of the human world- our trading system.
Break the code- write an Ode/Owed is part of the New Leaves Campaign where we are asking for New Leaves to be burned over in Just banking- each new leaf is a new ask.

WRAP UP THE BANKS-3D petition Wrapping up the banks: You/your group can fill in your own petition bunting hearts and also sign up to the campaign database to get updates on all the creative activities we are planning. This is a creative petition, calling for a transformation of the money system based on debt. The concept is to create long reams of heart shaped bunting. Each bunting heart will have a message/poem written on it, by a member of the public, expressing a desire for a transformed banking sector. This bunting will then be strung together on crime scene tape. The final plan is to wrap up the entire city square mile in this bunting in a prophetic action to encourage real positive change. Make your bunting piece and send to the address on our website We would love for happy volunteers and artists alike to join us in the Action where we wrap the banking sector up in bunting and have a festival-demonstration to celebrate the inevitable change.
A discredit card- Take a credit card which invites people to break the code write an ode/owed.. and links it together, a discredit card is like an on going way to let others know about the campaign. We may later get badges made with discredit card carrier on something about discredit cards so people can ask each other for them

Poets of Re-EvolutionWe would like to film poets and MCs performing poems or raps about money, the banking system or monetary reform. These will be edited into one video for a crowdfunding proposal to raise money for activist actions to raise awareness about the current banking system and why it should be changed. Also each individual video from each performer will also go up on a website promoting each individual rapper or poet, so will be both a shared platform to promote world changing words, as well as a campaign to change the way the economic system works!


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