Discredit Card

Discredit Card Campaign asks poetic artists to
Take a Stanza: Break the code-Write an Ode/Owed To The Banks..

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We are asking people to carry, a discredit card: To discredit the way money is created and controlled.

A discredit card has a different sort of chip and pin ..we are asking people to Break The Code write an ode/owed to the banks, ( see alternative chip and pin below);

discredit cardfull v

Carrying a stash of discredit cards to give to all your friends and to promote the campaign is great way to turn the economic system upside down!!…(well its a start)…Inside it clearly explains how you can be part of breaking the code by writing an ode/owed to the banks get hold of more email-lou3speak@gmail.com

 Inside the Discredit Card 

discredit card revamp middle


Discredit card ravmp back

The Impact of Discredit Cards 

The main motives for starting discredit cards.. is to question the way money is created and controlled! A natural exciting discovery=when some of the poets of re:evolution have been going round festivals performing their ode/owed to the banks poetry ..  they have been a bit penny less…However they have been enthusiastically the explaining the campaign to festival revellers. At one festival great excitement was created at the coffee/bar drink queue when punters became more excited about getting discredit card off the poets in the queue then buying their drink!!! A fair trade coffee shops over heard and  they have got really excited about the idea too!!! They then decided to stock the discredit cards at the place where they serve the coffee and other drinks!! They wanted to tell all their customers about discredit cards!!! They then allowed the poets of re-evolution to come back and pay for coffee simply using their discredit cards for the rest of the duration of the festival!!!… if you are small outlet you may want to consider stocking the discredit cards to promote the campaign and then giving a quota of free drinks to members of the Break the Code/Crew family as a way of supporting them!!.. The concept may grow and others may allow you to also pay with your discredit card.. lets see.. this was a spontaneous discovery..

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