New Leaves

NEW Leaves

New Leaves is the coming together of diverse groups, to be an association, a flexible autonomous coalition with a difference:

* We are planning on making a series of Incremental Asks and Actions- over the next 3 to 5 years connected to the transformation of the banking and resource exchange.

* We are going to be seeking to turn overĀ  series of new leaves in an increasingly radical nature.

* Each New leaf is a new ask/action and groups get together to express their support for that new ask or action -as an individual ask/act.

* People express support for a general statement of intent, but then sign up for the new leaves as they turn with the turning of the tide and re-write the way things work.

* This is a coming together that aims to span the incremental spectrum of NGO style actions and grassroots action groups.

* This is a coalition of the heart, and one that is creative to inspire the land of the imagi-nation of how we want things to be now, how we want things to be exchanged our we want our relationships to be.

*The current carry on cuts to the heart and affects all of our lives tying us up with bungee chords into an economic mesh. No matter how far we try to run to freedom and justice it still gets us- Its time to cut the chords and rework the threads AND THIS CUTS TO THE HEART- this isn’t just about an intellectual policy assent or a transactional change ( though that may be part of it).

* On the one hand we know that this isn’t just about asking others to change in incarnating positive alternatives of resource exchange ourselves. This is why the new leaves are about ASKs and Actions. However on the other hand we know that our capacity and act isn’t entirely unstuck from the interconnected mesh of the wider context of the dominant exchange web.

* LET THE MUSIC SPEAK-This is also about music, and its dramatic, its about reclaiming our rights to a full abundant life. Its about a playing. The New Leaves also connect to a collaborative peace garden- where you can conspire or co-plot with us in maintaining bits of physical peace gardens. There are also invitations to Plot for justice in writing a series of 3-5 plays community written on a robin hood and the banking system theme.

* New leaves will profile, writing,music visuals and art in solidarity with each new leaf. The hope is to display them in a virtual peace garden on line and some in the physical touring peace garden we are hoping to collaboratively build.

* If I can’t dance it’s not my revolution.

*This isn’t about a one-off intellectual ask- no its about increasing acts of the heart because they way we exchange resources in the end goes to the heart of all of us.

We will be taking leaves out of others books- in a positive way in support of others asks actions. So a new leaf may be turned in support of an existing group, coalition or campaign group and what they are asking as this is not about duplicating but supporting the incremental shift.

The Above is a Pacifist Warrior Draft

It is only a draft and a proper statement will evolve in time as we take the incremental journey of shift

If you are in support of the pacifist bullet points- or attempt at focused arrows of the

You can join as an individual email and cc

or you can join as a group and cc

We will then send you info on fuller statements to affirm or join, and info on each new leaf as it is turned you can fly in or fly out or opt in or opt out of that new leaf as you like. We don’t expect everyone to support all the leaves.

* Our first new leaf is a new leaf we want to turn over in ourselves by moving our money to ethical banks in support of this campaign. So we are our own first campaign target.

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