Take a Stanza

 What Is Take a Stanza?


This is a creative petition, calling for a transformation to the money system based on debt. The concept is to create long reams of heart shaped bunting. Each bunting heart will have a message/poem written on it, by a member of the public, expressing a desire for a transformed banking sector. 

This bunting will then be strung together on crime scene tape. The final plan is to wrap up the entire city square mile in this bun*ng in a symbolic action to encourage real positive change.

Wrap up the banks, or Rap up the banks…You can get involved in the campaign by:

  • Wrapping up the banks:

You/your group can fill in your own petition bunting hearts and also sign up to the campaign database to get updates on all the creative activities we are planning.

  • Rapping up the banks:

We are calling poets/artists/artist groups to get involved in the campaign. We ‘re asking artists to record their own creative messages, calling for a just banking system. We would also love for you to join us on the Action where we wrap the banking sector up in the bunting and have a festival as a demonstration.

**If you write or rhyme anything about a specific bank or banker then please insert a disclaimer to your piece.




To Make Some Bunting 

 You can cut some material into heart shaped bunting and write on that.. Send it back to us
Write on the heart your poem, message or picture for just banking, and a fairer money system. You can write using pens/paints/embroidery. It is up to you what you choose to write about, However you can look at ‘The Petition’ sheet for some ‘just suggestions’.
Return to: New Leaves c/o conscious sounds PO Box65896, London N71DE



Tell us what concerns you:
Below Are some Some Suggestions part of our New Leaves Petition
I am asking for public participation in the how the banks work. We ask for banks to produce public reports on what meetings the public can attend and what influence or power those meetings have.
I am concerned about the sustainability of a debt-based money system where the banks create money out of debt, debt interest charges and other bank charges. I want to ask for monetary reform and for the banks to be regulated so that they can no longer create money from debt, and only publicly accountable bodies can create money.
I am concerned about the excessive levels of student or mortgage debts, and request sustainable limits be put around these areas, as well as rate of interest and repayment.
We are eternally in your debt
……. What do we mean when we say that the banks create money out of debt and why is this bad?
The fact that new money is created by the          banks every time that someone takes out a loan is a   surprising and baffling truth…
  When someone takes out a loan from a bank, that money did not previously exist at all. Instead, new money is generated into existence purely by the bank registering the loan on their computer systems.
This process doesn’t sound that bad in itself. However, the impact that this has on the wider world are devastating…
This debt must be repaid to the banks, with added interest.
However, as the total amount of owed money is greater than the money which exists in the world, it means that further loans are required to pay back the borrowed money. This leads to a financial crisis when the level of borrowing gets too high for people to be able to repay their loans.
The constant need to repay greater amounts of interest is the root cause fuelling the economy’s need for constant growth. This obsession with growth means that profits take a higher position of value than human lives and our planetary boundaries. The resulting culture is one obsessed with consumerism, short term solutions and throw away goods.

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